Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They are in!!! In Three Weeks I hope I will KNOW!

So exciting I just submited my mission papers and they are in!!! Yes please submit your guess and if you guess right I will bring you to dinner!!! There is a map on my wall at home and if you are the lucky winner you get to go to dinner... I will add a list of all the missions. Put your guess of the actual mission and submit your guess !!! Here is a list of all the missions make your guess!!! There are 345.

There are 345 missions in this index.
Alabama Birmingham
Alaska Anchorage
Albania Tirana
Argentina Bahia Blanca
Argentina Buenos Aires North
Argentina Buenos Aires South
Argentina Buenos Aires West
Argentina Cordoba
Argentina Mendoza
Argentina Neuquen
Argentina Resistencia
Argentina Rosario
Argentina Salta
Arizona Mesa
Arizona Phoenix
Arizona Tempe
Arizona Tucson
Arkansas Little Rock
Armenia Yerevan
Australia Adelaide
Australia Brisbane
Australia Melbourne
Australia Melbourne West
Australia Perth
Australia Sydney North
Australia Sydney South/Sydney East
Belgium Brussels
Bolivia Cochabamba
Bolivia La Paz
Bolivia Santa Cruz
Brazil Belem
Brazil Belo Horizonte
Brazil Belo Horizonte East
Brazil Brasilia
Brazil Campinas
Brazil Cuiaba
Brazil Curitiba
Brazil Florianopolis
Brazil Fortaleza
Brazil Goiania
Brazil Joao Pessoa
Brazil Londrina
Brazil Maceio
Brazil Manaus
Brazil Porto Alegre North
Brazil Porto Alegre South
Brazil Recife
Brazil Ribeirao Preto
Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Brazil Rio de Janeiro North
Brazil Salvador
Brazil Salvador South
Brazil Santa Maria
Brazil Sao Paulo East
Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos
Brazil Sao Paulo North
Brazil Sao Paulo South
Bulgaria Sofia
California Anaheim
California Arcadia
California Carlsbad
California Fresno
California Long Beach
California Los Angeles
California Oakland
California Riverside
California Roseville
California Sacramento
California San Bernardino
California San Diego
California San Fernando
California San Francisco
California San Jose
California Santa Rosa
California Ventura
Cambodia Phnom Penh
Canada Calgary
Canada Edmonton
Canada Halifax
Canada Montreal
Canada Toronto East
Canada Toronto West
Canada Vancouver
Canada Winnipeg
Cape Verde Praia
Chile Antofagasta
Chile Concepcion
Chile Concepcion South
Chile Osorno
Chile Rancagua
Chile Santiago East
Chile Santiago North
Chile Santiago West
Chile Vina del Mar
China Hong Kong
Colombia Barranquilla
Colombia Bogota North
Colombia Bogota South
Colombia Cali
Colorado Colorado Springs
Colorado Denver North
Colorado Denver South
Connecticut Hartford
Costa Rica San Jose
Czech Prague
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa
Denmark Copenhagen
Dominican Republic Santiago
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo West
Ecuador Guayaquil North
Ecuador Guayaquil South
Ecuador Quito
El Salvador San Salvador East
El Salvador San Salvador West
England Birmingham
England Leeds
England London
England London South
England Manchester
Fiji Suva
Finland Helsinki
Florida Fort Lauderdale
Florida Jacksonville
Florida Orlando
Florida Tallahassee
Florida Tampa
France Paris
France Toulouse
Georgia Atlanta
Georgia Atlanta North
Georgia Macon
Germany Berlin
Germany Frankfurt
Germany Hamburg
Germany Leipzig
Germany Munich
Ghana Accra
Ghana Cape Coast
Greece Athens
Guatemala Guatemala City Central
Guatemala Guatemala City North
Guatemala Guatemala City South
Guatemala Quetzaltenango
Haiti Port-au-Prince
Hawaii Honolulu
Honduras Comayaguela
Honduras San Pedro Sula
Honduras Tegucigalpa
Hungary Budapest
Idaho Boise
Idaho Pocatello
Illinois Chicago
Illinois Chicago North
Illinois Nauvoo
Illinois Peoria
India Bangalore
Indiana Indianapolis
Indonesia Jakarta
Iowa Des Moines
Ireland Dublin
Italy Catania
Italy Milan
Italy Padova
Italy Rome
Ivory Coast Abidjan
Jamaica Kingston
Japan Fukuoka
Japan Hiroshima
Japan Kobe
Japan Nagoya
Japan Sapporo
Japan Sendai
Japan Tokyo
Kentucky Louisville
Kenya Nairobi
Korea Pusan
Korea Seoul
Korea Seoul West
Korea Taejon
Louisiana Baton Rouge
Madagascar Antananarivo
Marshall Islands Majuro
Maryland Baltimore
Massachusetts Boston
Mexico Chihuahua
Mexico Culiacan
Mexico Guadalajara
Mexico Guadalajara South
Mexico Hermosillo
Mexico Leon
Mexico Merida
Mexico Mexico City East
Mexico Mexico City North
Mexico Mexico City South
Mexico Mexico City West
Mexico Monterrey North
Mexico Monterrey South
Mexico Oaxaca
Mexico Puebla
Mexico Tijuana
Mexico Torreon
Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez
Mexico Veracruz
Michigan Detroit
Michigan Lansing
Micronesia Guam
Minnesota Minneapolis
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Independence
Missouri Saint Louis
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Montana Billings
Mozambique Maputo
Nebraska Omaha
Nevada Las Vegas
Nevada Las Vegas West
New Hampshire Manchester
New Jersey Cherry Hill
New Jersey Morristown
New Mexico Albuquerque
New York New York North
New York New York South
New York Rochester
New York Utica
New Zealand Auckland
New Zealand Wellington
Nicaragua Managua
Nigeria Enugu
Nigeria Ibadan
Nigeria Lagos
Nigeria Port Harcourt
Nigeria Uyo
North Carolina Charlotte
North Carolina Raleigh
Norway Oslo
Ohio Cincinnati
Ohio Cleveland
Ohio Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oklahoma Tulsa
Oregon Eugene
Oregon Portland
Panama Panama City
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
Paraguay Asuncion
Paraguay Asuncion North
Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh
Peru Arequipa
Peru Chiclayo
Peru Lima Central
Peru Lima East
Peru Lima North
Peru Lima South
Peru Trujillo
Philippines Angeles
Philippines Bacolod
Philippines Baguio
Philippines Butuan
Philippines Cagayan De Oro
Philippines Cebu
Philippines Davao
Philippines Ilagan
Philippines Laoag
Philippines Manila
Philippines Naga
Philippines Olongapo
Philippines Quezon City
Philippines San Pablo
Philippines Tacloban
Poland Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon South
Portugal Porto
Puerto Rico San Juan
Romania Bucharest
Russia Moscow
Russia Moscow South
Russia Novosibirsk
Russia Rostov
Russia Saint Petersburg
Russia Samara
Russia Vladivostok
Russia Yekaterinburg
Samoa Apia
Scotland Edinburgh
Slovenia Ljubljana
South Africa Cape Town
South Africa Durban
South Africa Johannesburg
South Carolina Columbia
South Dakota Rapid City
Spain Barcelona
Spain Bilbao
Spain Las Palmas
Spain Madrid
Spain Malaga
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Geneva
Switzerland Zurich
Tahiti Papeete
Taiwan KaoHsiung
Taiwan Taichung
Taiwan Taipei
Tennessee Knoxville
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Dallas
Texas Fort Worth
Texas Houston
Texas Houston East
Texas Houston South
Texas Lubbock
Texas McAllen
Texas San Antonio
Thailand Bangkok
Tonga Nukualofa
Uganda Kampala
Ukraine Donetsk
Ukraine Kiev
Uruguay Montevideo
Uruguay Montevideo West
Utah Ogden
Utah Provo
Utah Salt Lake City
Utah Salt Lake City South
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square
Venezuela Barcelona
Venezuela Caracas
Venezuela Maracaibo
Venezuela Valencia
Virginia Richmond
Washington D.C. North
Washington D.C. South
Washington Everett
Washington Kennewick
Washington Seattle
Washington Spokane
Washington Tacoma
West Indies
West Virginia Charleston
Wisconsin Milwaukee
Zimbabwe Harare

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life is good.

To many decisions and so little time. So I hate making decisions, but I do love my life right now. I have been excited to be with family lately. They have been such a great support to me these last few months I am really grateful for that! I am dating Tim Wright that is really good. He treats me like a princess and that I am really grateful for that! Life is very good. I have been working at the hospitial. I love that. Life is just good what can I say!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Demolition Derby!!!

Demolition derby. Yes this weekend I went to Tim's House in St. Anthony and we went to a demolition derby!!! It was so much fun!! I have to admit it was one of the most redneck things I have ever done but it was so much fun!! We stayed at his parents house and had a party!!! It was a lot of fun!!! I have been just enjoying life and working 3 days a week. I work 3 twelves and than I am off for 4 days I really like it a lot!!! The mission papers should go in next week or the week after. I just really enjoy life right now. This weekend was so fun. I even got to see my old roommate and have fun with her!!!