Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun with pictures

It was such a good weekend!

Hey I am updating my profile. This is me this weekend. It was an amazing time. We had a leadership conference this weekend in Boise. This was for instuitute, it was amazing.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I can not believe the summer is over!!!

THis summer has flown by and I loved every minute. I am no longer at LDS hospitial or helping poor motorcyclest who wreck on the side of the road. In Twin Falls we do not get the kind of trama patients we did at LDS, more like farm accidents!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

My Cousin Chance Tumbling

Chance my cousin is a great little tumbler! This was at his preformance last week he did great.


This is my cousins Chance and Grace with Danielle and. Also Uncle Todd is the hottie in with the little kids.

JAna's wedding

This is Danielle my awesome little sister, Janet Marquez and I at Jana's (An Old Roomie's) Wedding. This next picture is of some of my old roomies and me at Jana's wedding. Kate, AY, J-Dog, Jana Baby .

Temple Square

I have been having a blast. I toured temple square and I have been loving my summer time. I am on the top of the Conference center looking towards the Salt Lake Temple.

I hiked Ensign Peak!

This is the view up on Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City Utah! I Love the view. For those who do not know ensign peak is where Brigham Young proclaimed that "This Is the Place" for the Saints to settle in after the long journey across the plains!

Horse Farm Fun!

This is my Uncle Vince. We went to a Horse Farm in Utah !!!

Spencer my first little nephew


My Cute Parents

These are my cute parents.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I DID IT!!!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer Time and Finals

As many might know I will be at LDS Hospital this summer working on the Medical Surgical Floor in Salt Lake. I start work on Monday. I still do not have a place to stay so that is going to be my first priority after finials. Also I plan to have a great Summer. I am planning to do a lot of hiking and camping. With a family vacation in July and a trip to Martin's Cove in June!!

I never thought I would be in Twin Falls Idaho I love it though. I transfered from two amazing years at BYU-Idaho to The College of Southern Idaho where I have Two more semesters left and I will be a Registered Nurse. I love Twin Falls I never thought I would say it but I do. At BYU-Idaho we would get together on the Weekends and have so much fun playing football or fresbee.


Hello Friends and Family!!!
I am finishing up finials this week I am so grateful for all the support!

Rock Climbing With Friends

Some of My old roomates Ashley Holmes, Kate Hall, Ay Sorensen are rock climbing too. Walter (Ay's Man), Philip, and his little brother came. We made it back down. This is a pic after concoring the mountian

Rock Climbing

This rock was a lot steeper than it looks. I thought I was going to fall so I took a little moment to relax...Just in time for a mug shot!

Rock Climbing in Almo Idaho

I met up with some of my old Roommates and friends and we went to the City of Rocks in Almo for a weekend of fun!!!